Discovering more about the creation of some of the fascinating religious texts on display in the Abbey Museum.

On Saturday 24 April, Mr Brodie Taylor, Curator (Arts and Exhibitions), University of Southern Queensland, will give a presentation to the Abbey Museum Friends and guests entitled The Journey of a Sofer: A study into spiritual calligraphy. In this presentation, Brodie Taylor will discuss the elite class of calligraphers known as Sofers who were responsible for creating these documents in the Jewish tradition.   

Mr. Taylor will elaborate on the many protocols that surround the production of these sacred texts. For instance, in the Jewish tradition, the Torah Scroll or Sefer Torah, has strict laws governing the creation of such a document.

The Abbey Museum has two examples of Jewish script on display, the first is a Torah and the second a scroll of Esther.         

Even in the 21st century, these sacred texts filled with allegories, ancient stories and long and complicated sentence construction that take years to truly understand, govern and guide the vast majority of our daily lives.

Friends and guests attending the presentation are invited to visit the Museum to view, not only these two artefacts directly related to the presentation topic, but also pages from a Book of Hours and other medieval examples of illuminated manuscripts from the Christian tradition which are on display.  It will be an engaging and informative afternoon with the presentation commencing at 2.00pm.  An afternoon tea will follow the talk. Please pre-book to secure your seat.