The Abbey Museum is what it is today because of the tireless work of our valued volunteers and we are always looking for more wonderful people to help.

Volunteer roles range from helping on the front desk at the Museum, assisting with groups and education programs, having fun with the school holiday activities to helping behind the scenes with sewing, props, gardening and office support.   Volunteers can help at a number of other exciting events throughout the year.

Volunteer positions currently available

  • Education Officers
  • Gardeners
  • Sewers

Register here if you would like to volunteer or email us for further information.

Volunteer Application

For use by prospective volunteers interested in working at the Abbey Museum.

  • Hours per week? ie 2 days or 15 hours

    Select which days you are available to assist at the Abbey Museum.
  • We are looking for volunteers who are available during school holidays to assist with our children’s “Dig It” programs.
  • The Museum is looking for volunteers to assist with special feature events held on weekends throughout the year ie Abbey Medieval Festival, Picnic at Pemberley.
  • What is your past work experience and qualifications that are relevant to volunteering with us?
    Formal Qualifications: (E.g. Diploma, Degree etc).
    Other Training/ Certification: (E.g. First Aid Certificate)
  • If you do not the Museum can apply for one on your behalf.
  • What other skills do you have that might be beneficial to the Museum e.g. creative writing, painting, wood carving, grant writing

    Select any of the areas that you think you would like to work in for the Museum.
  • The Abbey Museum hosts a number of fundraising events throughout the year. Would you be interested in taking the lead on one of these or creating a new event.
  • This section of the application form must be completed by all applicants 16 years and under.
  • The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology has a duty of care to protect your health and/ or safety while you are a volunteer. Your answers to this set of questions will help meet our mutual needs.
  • Please provide details.
  • Please provide details
  • Please provide the names and contact details of 2 referees that we can contact.