Education Programs

The Abbey Museum offers a range of history-focused education programs for both primary and secondary schools. We offer a broad selection of activities and engaging experiences for history students including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe and Aboriginal Australia.

Ask us about programs aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

These are ideal to support your students’ history curriculum or for enrichment or extra curricular activity days.

Achaeological School Dig

Experience a relevant, interactive and fun school excursion.

Students will enjoy our popular, hands-on experiences, including archaeological digs, environmental heritage trails, and even an introduction to mummification!

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology offers an engaging learning environment including

  • Displays with  primary archaeological evidence of 500,000 years of world history
  • Displays showcasing a broad social context
  • Programs facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable instructors
  • Guidelines to prepare for your visit
  • Downloadable activity sheets for selected programs
  • Risk Assessment statements
  • Programs may be modified on request to suit individual school requirements.

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Ancient Egypt

Students will interpret Egyptian life through a customised approach for primary, lower and senior secondary programs.

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Knights and Chivalry

Students will explore the life of a knight and their code of chivalry, customised for both primary and secondary students.

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Roman map in the museum

Ancient Rome

The many aspects of Ancient Roman life customised for both primary, lower and senior secondary students.

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glasshouse mountains from the Abbey Museum by drone shot

Glasshouse Mountains Environmental Heritage Trail

This trail explores the formation of the Glass House Mountains, how environmental landscape has changed over time; what resources were available to support the Indigenous people, and more.

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Bribie Island Fish Trap

Moreton Bay Environmental Heritage Trail

This trail explores the geological formation of Moreton Bay and how these changes transformed the available food sources for Indigenous people.  Visit a fish trap, sacred bora ring and more. 

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knight with students

Knights & Chivalry Incursion

We bring our Knights & Chivalry experience to you! From nobility to weaponry, this program may be customised to best suit your cohort.

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Mummification demonstration

Mummification DIY Incursion

A student will be selected as a pharaoh who tragically lost their life at a young age, but also immortalised among their peers in a super fun interactive workshop!

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