Moreton Bay Environmental Heritage Trail

This trail explores the formation of Moreton Bay and how historical changes to the area impacted on the availability of food and other resources. Students will:

  • Visit the Pebble Beach Fish Trap to discover why it was successful
  • Visit Godwin Beach mudflats and discuss the environmental changes of the area
  • Walk along the mangroves to discuss the importance of the mangroves and other sites of importance.
  • Visit a Bora Ring to discover its significance.

Minimum 20 students (or equivalent cost $297), maximum 60 students (contact us for options with larger groups)

3-4 hours needed, including breaks

Cost: $14.85 per student.

NB: the school is responsible for the hire of a bus. They will need to pick up the guides from the Abbey Museum.


* Programs typically run for 4 hours, however each is fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

Bribie Island Fish Trap
Midden site in Moreton Bay
indigenous trig point marking