Knights & Chivalry Incursion

Investigate the life of a knight and their code of chivalry. Students will:

  • Explore European medieval social structure with an emphasis on the nobility
  • Separate the myths and facts of medieval knighthood
  • Discuss the customs and training of a medieval knight
  • Examine replica medieval armour and weaponry

Optional extras include:

  • Learn medieval archery techniques using a traditional longbow
  • Play the popular games of Medieval Europe


  • Presentation minimum cost $450 up to 100 students, plus $4.50 per student over 100 students.
  • Archery $5 per student
  • Games $5 per student
  • Travel (over 50kms) $0.75 per km
  • Accommodation $150 per night

This presentation can be adapted to suit the needs of your students and the size of the group.

squires armouring up a knight
knight with students
knight with happy people at a school