Medieval Europe (600 -1550 AD)

In a feudal society, the spread of Christianity in western Europe and Islam in the Near East and north Africa led to bitter crusades and the development of small warring kingdoms in France, Germany, Spain and Britain.  Castles and soaring cathedrals emphasised the power of the state and church; monasteries and universities were established and the European Middle Ages saw the foundations of much of our modern world – justice, law, land tenure, politics, literature, art and music.

The Museum has a large medieval collection, including weapons and armour, metalwork, ceramics, glass, stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, paintings, fresco, leatherwork, seals and carvings. It ranges from Anglo-Saxon spearheads to a recently acquired cuirassier’s suit of armour, stained glass from Winchester Cathedral, and a wonderful limestone relief of the Lamentations of Christ. In 1988 the Museum of London donated masonry from the Rosary Palace of Edward II.