The Abbey Museum is looking for retired teachers, educators, or just enthusiastic lifelong learners to join our Volunteer Education team. The Abbey Museum offers a wide program of activities for school students, including two mock archaeological digs, a thrilling Ancient Egyptian mummification program, medieval presentation and activities, and Aboriginal Heritage trails.

Our archaeological digs currently focus on the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Rome. The Egyptian dig is developed around a burial site with a painted coffin, mummy with the obligatory tomb furniture and funerary statues, pots and amulets. The Roman dig features the remains of a Roman villa with part of a mosaic floor, pottery vessels, tools, and a skeleton, perhaps its ancient owner.  

Students are taught basic archaeological techniques and are encouraged to interpret the evidence, like time-detectives, to understand the story of what happened at this site and what it tells about these ancient cultures.

Other activities offered include a program where a student undergoes the ancient practice of mummification (modified for safe heath practices!). This is an immersive experience that explores how the ancient Egyptians viewed death and the associated funerary rituals and ceremonies. There is a lot of mask-wearing, wailing and sistrum-playing as students take part in this program.

The Life of a Knight program looks at aspects of the Medieval world. The activity allows students to explore medieval armour and weapons, the training of a knight and the myths often associated in Hollywood movie renditions. Archery is a favourite part of this program, where students have the opportunity to try their hand at firing a traditional English longbow.

There is no greater joy than seeing a student connect with history.

The Abbey Museum also offers two Aboriginal Environmental Heritage Trails. These are guided coach tours that respectfully visit Aboriginal and early contact sites around the coast of northern Moreton Bay/Bribie Island and also the spectacular Glass House Mountains with its ancient creation stories.

We are also looking to develop exciting new programs to enhance our educational resources for students, so there is lots of potential as we move into this new year.

So, if you are a retired teacher, educator, or just an enthusiastic lifelong learner who would like to join our Volunteer Education team and share your passion for history and life, and inspire and educate the thousands of students who come to the Abbey Museum, please contact us on 0754951652 or fill in a volunteer form on our website at

We would love to hear from you!

You get to work with a lovely bunch of diverse, interesting, friendly, and self-motivated people. The hands-on programs spark interest and curiosity, while educating and motivating. Encouraging engaged young people is very gratifying. It is a great place to volunteer and you get to work with wonderful people of all ages. The pay is lousy (haha) but the rewards are great! I certainly get back far more than I give as a volunteer.” – C. Randall, Abbey Museum Education Officer