Building Funds

In the Abbey Museum’s reserve collection are a number of rarely seen Old Master paintings, including a copy of Raphael’s ‘Bridgewater Madonna’, a Madonna and Child attributed to Carlo Marrata, an Adoration of the Shepherds after Gerrard Van Honthorst and a Crucifixion by Pierre-Paul Prud’hon.  Many of these were exhibited for several years at the Queensland Art Gallery. The reserve collection also includes important icons that date from the 15th century and a series of watercolours by the English School, including Birkett Foster and John Cotman.

Unfortunately due to a lack of space the Abbey Museum has not been able to display these wonderful works of art.  We have been raising funds towards this project. But progress has been slow with many demands on the Museum’s limited resources. 

Abbey Museum future art gallery mock up

Graphic depiction of the new gallery

Enlarge for details


Building Fund Goal: $500,000

You can help bring this new Gallery to life! Please consider donating to this project so we can share our wonderful art collection with you and all our visitors.