Kids Dig It! Viking Family Fun

Viking fun – Abbey Museum style!
Come in Costume!
Expect to meet a Viking!
Learn at the Viking Masterclass!
Find out about Lucet weaving, Naal binding and more!
Choose from some of the old favourites (such as archery and the archaeological digs) and some brand new and never offered before! . Mark your calendar for ‘Kids Dig it!’’ Viking Family Fun Week – January 8-12th 2018!

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Teaching the Value of Archaeology

To many people archaeology embodies adventure, excitement, very old things and, of course, thanks to the Indiana Jones franchise, unfortunately Nazis. The image of Indiana Jones, Hollywood’s archetypal archaeologist, has been burned into the minds of the “baby boomer” generation. These days, finding anyone under the age of 20 who has seen these films is an adventure in itself. Archaeology is so much more than “digging up old stuff” and putting it into a museum; it plays an important role in society, more than most people realise. Instilling that idea into a student’s mind is a definite challenge.

Curiosity plays an important role in the public perception of archaeology and history. Why are people so fascinated by King Tut and the Pyramids? It has to be more than, “they look pretty cool” right? Well, that’s because it is. Human beings have a natural desire to know more about where they have come from, especially if it relates to themselves. There is no doubt that there is economic value associated with archaeology as well. Museums all over the world are …

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Kids Dig It! Stone Age School Holiday Program

Fun, educational and affordable!

Experience this week at the Abbey Museum, and explore the excitement of the Stone Age within the setting of our amazing collection! Admission includes archery*, drumming story time, craft activities, cave art, mini archaeological digs and so much more!

Make your own bullroarer for an extra $2.50 or your own Neolithic oil lamp for an extra $3.00.

Join us from 10.00am to participate in Stone Age fun!


Family (2 Adults, up to 4 children): $25.00 Family (1 Adult, up to 4 children): $19.80 Adults: $12 Concession: $8.50 Child (5yrs – 15yrs): $7 Activity Fee (4yrs & under): $3.00

*archery will start at 11am and 2pm daily and no latecomers will be accepted due to safety.

Are you an outside school hours care provider and bringing a big group of kids? These are our guidelines to make sure you get the most out of your day with us;

 Groups must pre-book (NB: …

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An Archaeological Dig for Free?


How would you like a free Archaeological Dig at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology? 


Calling All Volunteers for the Annual Archeological Dig dig-out!

Why should everyone else have all the fun?

Tour Groups have enjoyed this!

The Red Hat Ladies have enjoyed our dig.

School kids enjoy this!

Our digs are on offer all year round with our school programmes.

It’s that time of year again were we need volunteers To help dig out the digs and sieve the soil.

This is your chance to get into the actual dig we use here on site.

So if you are available Friday 30th November …

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