Queen Mary of Teck

… But Names Will Never Hurt Me

Many of our modern surnames have their origins in the middle ages. Some names indicate clan or family linage such as all of the Scandinavian and Scottish names ending in son meaning “son of” or those beginning with the Norman French “Fitz” such as Fitzmichael ( Son of Michael).  Scots and Irish Gaelic surnames frequently begin with Mac (son of ) or O’ ( descendant of) are also quite well known examples of the name declaring the family line.

Some relate to the area of a person’s origin e.g. Flemming (from Flanders), Scott, Munster, English etc.  The German and Dutch Von and Van also give a place of origin; though in the case of the German Von it generally means that they owned the place in question e.g. Ulrich von Lichtenstein was the ruler of Lichtenstein.

In the Abbey Museum collection you will notice a few items gifted to JSM Ward from Mary of Teck, who just to complicate matters was born in England and not Teck, which was in  the Kingdom of Württemberg, …

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Fundraising for Abbey Museum

Santa’s Helpers Fundraising for Museum

“This may be too difficult for you…”  This is often the opening comment by a person who is not sure whether we can wrap a gift for them. Invariably the response is “not too difficult –maybe a challenge”.

In the fortnight leading up to Christmas 2017 volunteers operated the gift wrapping tables outside Target in the Bribie Island shopping centre fundraising for the Abbey Museum. Situated right alongside Santa’s grotto we had a great opportunity to see merchandising in action especially noting which appeared to be the most popular gifts for 2017. Many children lined up to meet Santa and have their photo taken, whether they wanted to or not! Some so tiny they will never remember it…

Fundraising under Wraps

Gift wrapping is a very social occasion and, in the experience of this writer, the vast majority of people are very pleased to offer a donation (in some cases, very generous) to have an onerous task taken off their hands. Most parcels were fairly straight-forward and could be wrapped and decorated with a ribbon or bow in a minute …

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Medieval Artefacts donation

Medieval Artefacts Donated to the Abbey Museum

There was great excitement in the Abbey Museum office last week; in fact, it felt a little like Christmas, as the Director unwrapped a group of medieval artefacts that had been donated to the Museum. We always endeavour to grow the medieval collections because of the association with the very popular Abbey Medieval Festival which tells one of the stories of this museum.

The first object to be revealed was a small but deadly collection of nine iron medieval arrow heads. They possibly come from Scandinavia as most are tanged, a form which was more common in northern Europe than Britain, and date to the 9th to 11th centuries.

The second object to be unwrapped was a very small but delightful pilgrim’s badge of a fighting cock. The bronze badge is in the shape of a running cockerel with textures detail to the body, wings and comb, spurs to the rear of the feet and dates to the 13 – 14th century. It is said that cockfighting was originally introduced into Britain by the Romans. It was …

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Abbey Museum Stained Glass

An Impressive Achievement

The Abbey Church is a very special place, not least because its beautiful stained glass windows. The windows are a large and significant collection dating from the 14th to the 20th century. Some of the most famous are those consisting of fragments originally from Winchester Cathedral’s Lady Chapel.

One of the problems associated with items of such a venerable age is the need for conservation and repair. In 2004 leading glass conservators Gerry Cummins and Jill Stehn of Eumundi examined the stained glass collection and compiled an inventory of the conservation requirements and the cost involved. This amounted to a substantial sum and Museum staff set about finding means of raising the necessary funds.

Fundraising for stained glass conservation

Conservation of individual windows was undertaken as funds become available; through donations and various fundraising efforts. The Abbey Museum Friends undertook the task of raising the funds required specifically for the Winchester Windows. From 2009 to 2012 we held “Walk for Winchester” where participants were sponsored to complete a ‘pilgrimage’ from Sylvan Beach on Bribie Island to the …

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Archaeology Family Fun: Kids Dig It!

Dig for treasure in the mini archaeological digs, put on your white coats for archaeology in the lab and learn about ancient cultures!

Monday 22nd September through to Friday 3rd October 10am – 3pm (excludes weekends).

Scheduled Activities include Archaeological Digs, Archery and Archaeology in the Lab. All Day Activities include Colouring-in, Dress-ups, Make a Paper Mosaic, Make a Greek Character and lots more!

Make a Neolithic Pinch Pot for an extra $2.00!


Family (2 Adults, up to 4 children): $25.00 Family (1 Adult, up to 4 children): $19.80 Adults: $12 Concession: $8.50 Child (5yrs – 15yrs): $7 Activity Fee (4yrs & under): $3.00

Are you and outside school hours care provider and bringing a big group of kids? These are our guidelines to make sure you get the most out of your day with us;

 Groups must pre-book (NB: only one OSHC group accepted per day), please email adminassist@abbeymuseum.asn.au  Carers are required to provide active supervision.  Carers are responsible for their group’s behaviour when on site.  Maximum number per group – 60 kids.  Minimum of 1 Carer per 10 …

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Floor Talk Series: “The Ancient Celts and Their Myths” with Dr Dorothy Watts

From the 18th century onwards the Celtic Revival in Britain was manifest through literature, music, painting and a growing Celtic nationalism. One of  the greatest sources of information about the Ancient Celts has been the Celtic myths – several of which will be related during the talk.

Members: $5 Guests: $10

Afternoon tea will be supplied.

Speakers’ Bio:

Dr Dorothy Watts is Honorary Professor at the School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics at the University of Queensland. Dr watts is an inspiring lecturer whose clarity, humour, insight and enthusiasm for her subject have earned her numerous accolades and resulted in countless students deciding to major in classics and ancient history and developing a lifelong interest in the discipline.

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Picnic at Pemberley



Meet Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett as you step back into the world of Jane Austen, enjoy a delicious picnic afternoon in the stunning grounds of the Abbey Museum.

Start time: 1:00pm for a 2pm start

End time: 4.30pm

Price: Adults: $27.50 Children (4-15 years): $15

An afternoon of music, games and picnicking inspired by the Regency Period and the writings of Jane Austen especially Pride and Prejudice. The afternoon includes:

A dance presentation by Dance Kaleidoscope The public can participate in period and maypole dancing Period games including Game of Graces, Game of Siam, Pall Mall, Battledore and Shuttlecock. A Military display by La belle Alliance Tours of the beautiful historic stained glass in the Abbey Church A delicious afternoon tea with food from the Regency era.

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