Stone Age Family Fun week

Learn Stone Age history at Abbey Museum

Meet Ugg, our Stone Age hero from Skara Brae.

The Stone Age period, or neolithic era, was very significant time in man’s evolution as this was the period in history when man first started using technology.  When we say technology,  we don’t mean items such as Ipads, or drones or sat navs of course.  Instead, by technology we mean basic implements that we might probably under estimate today.  These implements or technology helped to provide solutions to problems. The problems that Stone Age people encountered were slightly different to problems that we encounter today, however, this type of technology  became vital to man’s survival and  progression and included rocks, sticks, string and bone. We’d like to introduce you to Ugg, who lived in a beautiful stone age village known as  Skara Brae, located in Scotland’s Orkney Islands a long, long time ago.  Approximately 3000BC!

Ugg very clever! Ugg make string from flax. String not big thing today. Modern man have duct tape, who need string? String big step for man. String tie two things together. String tie pointy thing to stick. Make stick…. kill big animal like hedgehog. String also good for clothes. Ugg use string to make necklace. Ugg also use string to tie animal skins together, make clothes, not so cold.  String also good for moving things. If Ugg tie string to big rock, Ugg can drag. Ugg may need help. Ugg can use bag of string to carry food, or tie wood together for fire. Ugg also use stri ng to tie up animals so they don’t run off. Ugg also tie wife up with string for same reason!

Ugg make Stone Age beer!

Ugg also make beer. Beer good nourishing drink. Modern man make beer differently. Modern man let beer sit till it gives him big headache in morning if he drink.

Ugg make beer from barley and plants round Skara Brae (Ugg’s home). Plants make beer taste sweet. Ugg use all sorts of plants in beer. Some of them no longer used in foods. Some of them now used by craft beer man. He say Ugg’s recipe better than modern beer. Taste good!

Thank you Mr. Ugg – Our Stone Age hero!

I think it’s fair to say that we have a lot to thank Ugg for!  If you would like to learn more about the life and times of Ugg,  his obstacles and his accomplishments and not forgetting his artwork from which we have learned so much, please join us for Kids Dig It! Stone Age Family Fun week at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology.  We have lots to show you from our Museum collection and lots to teach you about Ugg’s life through the Stone Age activities you can join.

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(A blog from Felicity Miller)