stained glass fragments featuring a scourger in the Abbey Museum collection

Stained Glass Funding Success

The Abbey Museum staff are having a “pom-pom” moment!! What is that you may ask? Well, it is the way we celebrate when great things happen, those unexpected successes or some very good news. And we have just received some VERY GOOD NEWS. Late last year we applied to the Copland Foundation for funding for the conservation of nine of our medieval stained glass windows from our collection. Last week we received notification that our application was successful!!! Definitely a “pom-pom” moment!!Stained Glass fragments from Winchester Cathedral at the Abbey Museum

Why are we so very excited? Well it is because when we started fundraising for the conservation of the medieval and Victorian stained glass collection, over ten years ago, we had to raise a massive $165,000. For our small and predominately volunteer organisation that seemed a daunting task. However, through the generous donation of many wonderful individual donors who have funded the conservation of specific windows and through the fundraising efforts of the Abbey Museum Friends, who with the assistance of a grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund, have enabled the conservation of two of our most important (and therefore costly) windows that originally came from Winchester Cathedral. We have whittled away at that total, and gradually over the years reduced its current balance of $33,500. Yes! The end is in sight!!!!

Twelve more windows, and $33,500 worth of conservation and the goal is achieved.

Most of the remaining windows are quite fragmentary, although they do include two splendid 17th cent windows depicting the Winged Ox of St Mark and the winged Lion of St Luke originally from Belgium. Some of the other remaining windows are of major historical significance as they are made up of fragments of medieval stained glass from Winchester Cathedral.

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Copland Foundation support Abbey Stained Glass Conservation Project

There are very few granting programs in Australia that fund the conservation of historical objects – especially those with international historical objects. So we were very excited to discover the Copland Foundation and read of their support for the conservation of significant historical objects and collections. A successful funding application is always worth celebrating. With the support of the Copland Foundation we now have just over $14,000 required to complete this project of raising the funds needed for the conservation of our historical stained glass collection.

We offer our sincere thanks to the Copland Foundation for this support, and also to all those who have donated, sponsored or supported our fundraising efforts in this project. If you would like to help us make history, by preserving a little bit of stained glass history for the generations to come please donate to our stained glass conservation project appeal.. every dollar counts…