Fundraising for Abbey Museum

Santa’s Helpers Fundraising for Museum

“This may be too difficult for you…”  This is often the opening comment by a person who is not sure whether we can wrap a gift for them. Invariably the response is “not too difficult –maybe a challenge”.

In the fortnight leading up to Christmas 2017 volunteers operated the gift wrapping tables outside Target in the Bribie Island shopping centre fundraising for the Abbey Museum. Situated right alongside Santa’s grotto we had a great opportunity to see merchandising in action especially noting which appeared to be the most popular gifts for 2017. Many children lined up to meet Santa and have their photo taken, whether they wanted to or not! Some so tiny they will never remember it…

Christmas Wrapping Volunteers

Fundraising under Wraps

Gift wrapping is a very social occasion and, in the experience of this writer, the vast majority of people are very pleased to offer a donation (in some cases, very generous) to have an onerous task taken off their hands. Most parcels were fairly straight-forward and could be wrapped and decorated with a ribbon or bow in a minute or two. However, there were real challenges such as unusual shapes (turtles for instance), round items like soccer or basketballs and delicate glass items which required careful handling. Then there were the maxi parcels – so big it actually took 2 people to wrap them, such as the microwave oven and full-sized bicycles (fortunately packed in boxes). On my shift we had one wrapper designated as the “large parcel expert” and he was provided with plenty to hone his expertise on!

Santa's Helpers Fundraise for Abbey Museum

Most customers were ready for a brief chat and interested in hearing about the Abbey Museum and its programs. For volunteers it is a pleasant way to spend 3 or 4 hours in the air-conditioned shopping centre fundraising for the Museum and spreading the word about what a wonderful place it is to visit. You also get to meet a variety of people, visitors from interstate and overseas as well as locals; a real social experience with plenty of “warm fuzzies” and an opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer.