Knights and Chivalry

  • Cost 14.30 per student
  • Explore European medieval social structure with an emphasis on the nobility
  • Separate the myths and facts of medieval knighthood
  • Discuss the customs and training of a medieval knight
  • Examine medieval armour and weaponry
  • Students will try their hand at traditional archery
  • Explore the Museum’s collection of medieval artefacts
  • 4 hours including breaks
  • Minimum 20 students

Our Knights excursion program is divided into the following sections.

Knights and Chivalry

Students explore European medieval society through the iconic figure of a knight. The rituals and usages of knighthood are explained, as well as their training, customs and obligations. Accurate replicas of medieval arms and armour will be available for students to experience.


Methods and practices of medieval archery are discussed and demonstrated before students can try their hand at shooting a traditional longbow under supervision. The longbows are graded to be suitable for lower secondary students.

Explore the Museum

Explore the Museum’s collection of medieval art and artefacts including manuscripts, pottery, arms and armour. Students are encouraged to choose and discuss their favourite objects in the collection. Activity sheets are available for teachers to download.

Medieval Stained Glass Windows (subject to Church availability)

The Abbey Church is full of stunning stained glass windows, some of which are Medieval. Students will have to opportunity to see these windows, discover how they were created and understand why they were significant in the Middle Ages.

Cost 14.30 per student, Booking Deposit $50. Deposit deducted from total amount payable.

Knights and Chivalry Worksheet

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