Egyptian Program

  • Excavate, record and interpret a recreated Egyptian tomb
  • Participate in a workshop to learn the secrets behind Egyptian mummification
  • Explore the Museum’s collection of ancient artefacts
  • Fulfils Year 7 curriculum requirements
  • Teachers’ risk assessments
  • 4 hours including breaks
  • Minimum 20, Maximum 60 Students
  • Cost 14.30 per student

The Egyptian History excursion program is divided into the following sections.

Practical Archaeology: Egyptian Dig

Students are invited to excavate a recreated Egyptian tomb site. This site will tell a story that students are encouraged to discover through the interpretation of their finds. They are guided through practical archaeological excavation and recording techniques and information will be available to help students identify their finds. This program will help students to develop skills in critical analysis of primary evidence.

Mummification D.I.Y.

Light-hearted, informative, and practical class on the ancient Egyptian practice of mummification. Students participate in the roles of priests, gods, mourners and the newly deceased. Topics covered include aspects of ancient Egyptian religion such as beliefs in the afterlife, judgement of the deceased, and the rituals, processes and tools involved in mummifying the dead.

Explore the Museum

Explore the Museum’s collection of ancient art and artefacts including a burial mask, a painted panel, pottery, shabti and votive objects. Students are encouraged to choose and discuss their favourite objects in the collection. Activity sheets are available for teachers to download.

Cost 14.30 per student, Booking Deposit $50. Deposit deducted from total amount payable.


Investigation worksheet

Master site plan record for teachers A3

Individual artefact record

Individual grid record Junior

Museum Risk Assessment

Archaeological Dig – Risk Assessment