Aboriginal Heritage Trail Moreton Bay

  • $14.30 per student
  • Collect guide/s from Abbey Museum.
  • Visit Aboriginal heritage sites around Sandstone Point and northern Moreton Bay.
  • Examine a bora ring, Ice Age beach front, midden site and fish trap in contexts of the Aboriginal cultural landscape of Moreton Bay.
  • Discuss climate change, drowned landscapes, Aboriginal bush tucker, the “Killing Times” and archaeological dating.

The Moreton Bay Aboriginal Heritage Trail program is divided into the following sections :

Toorbul Point Bora Ring

Students view a bora ring ceremonial site on Bestmann Road. Here the guide will inform them about customs like the initiation of boys into men and sacred lore.

Godwin Beach Midden Site

Students will experience the following in this part of the trail:

  • A discussion of the formation of Moreton Bay from an archaeological dating viewpoint, focusing on climate change and drowned landscapes.
  • Participate in a walk through a bush trail, where they will look at the environmental resources of this area that were used by the traditional Aboriginal tribe/s living there, focusing on the Aboriginal people’s relationship with the land and sea.
  • Discussion of how the “Killing Times” part of Australian history affected the Aboriginal tribes in the Moreton Bay area.
  • Sight and handle a variety of associated Aboriginal artefacts collected by the Abbey Museum’s senior curator, Michael Strong.

Kal-ma-kuta Memorial

Students will briefly view this memorial to the last member of the Joondoburra people from Bribie Island. The guide will give a brief history of who erected the memorial and why.


Hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottles and closed in walking shoes.


3.5 to 4 hours, including breaks.

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