Aboriginal Heritage Trail Glasshouse Mountains

  • Cost 14.30 per student
  • Collect guide(s) from Abbey Museum
  • Discuss the geological forces that formed the Glasshouse Mountains 25 million (plus) years ago
  • Discover the Dream Time legends about the Glasshouse Mountains
  • Visit Bora Ring ceremonial grounds to discuss Aboriginal initiation rites, customs and lore
  • Visit traditional axe-grinding site
  • 3-4 hours including breaks
  • Minimum 20 students

Program is divided into the following sections.

Glasshouse Mountains Lookout

Students observe these mountains from the lookout while a guide explains their geological formation and tell them the traditional Dreaming story of their creation.

Bora Ring Site

Students view a bora ring ceremonial site just off Johnston Road. Here the guide will explain about traditional customs like the initiation of boys into men and sacred Aboriginal lore.

Little Rocky Creek Axe-grinding Site

Students view an axe-grinding site situated on the side of the bridge crossing over Little Rocky Creek south of Landsborough. The guide explains how grooves were made by the men of an Aboriginal tribe when they were sharpening their stone axes. Students also have the opportunity to sight and handle Aboriginal artefacts collected by the Abbey Museum’s senior curator, Michael Strong.


Hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottles and closed in walking shoes.


3 – 4 hours, including breaks.

The trail respects and acknowledges the traditional owners of this area, the Kabi (Gubbi) and Jinibara, in whose footsteps we walk.



Glasshouse Trail Senior

Glasshouse Mountains – Risk Assessment

Museum Risk Assessment