Our Senior Curator Is Having An Affair

Our Senior Curator is having an affair, much to the sorrow of his long suffering wife. Yes it is true; he has fallen in love with a beautiful 1200 year old model of a female flute player from the Tang Dynasty in China.

Over the last week he has spent many hours photographing her from different angles and this time together has only deepened his admiration and affection. And why not, one might ask. She is indeed a fetching creature.

There she kneels on a cushioned floor in an exquisite red and white striped silk gown with an emerald green jacket, playing sweet music on her bamboo side flute.   Her dark lustrous hair is piled on top of her head in a butterfly hairdo as was the fashion of her day. Her gentle face, softly rounded, is beguiling with down cast eyes and rosy cheeks and thinly pencilled eyebrows.  She was possibly a courtesan or female musician attached to some wealthy noble’s court; he made sure he would have music in the afterlife by modelling her in terracotta and placing her within his tomb.

Abbey Museum Treasure


“It is not the first time our Senior Curator has fallen in love”, said his heartbroken wife, “and it is unlikely to be the last.” There are many other treasures in the Abbey Museum collection that will no doubt take his fancy as he undertakes the task of photographing the whole Museum’s collections.