Play-Based learning is so much fun at Cutie Curators' Club!

Our Cutie Curators Club is thriving.

We thought you might be interested in an excerpt from our current Cutie Curators Club’s newsletter.   This is written by our lovely Cutie Curators’  Club new co-ordinator, Fleur Capewell.

Enjoy.  🙂


Cutie Curator Club newsletter (extract)

Hasn’t term three gone quickly?  Our Cutie Curators have had lots of adventrues this term; we have built castles and invaded them, travelled to the moon and even competed in the Abbey Olympics.

Play-Based learning is so much fun at Cutie Curators' Club! Our curators have followed pirate maps and hunted for treasure, made some beautiful mosaics and explored musical instruments from all over the world.

Hats and Shoes week included discovering that there is a ‘real’ Queens’ shoe as part of the museum collection and we talked about the different functions of the shoes and hats in the exhibits.  Flags, feathers and food gave us an insight into different ways of expressing ourselves using colour, and how colourful displays can give us information.

Out curators made some fantastic fathers day crafts, and some ‘worlds greatest dad’ awards for our special Curator Dads.

Themes galore are part and parcel of the Cutie Curators Club programme.In term four, some of our adventures will include: exploring different cultures, travelling with horses and elephants, glorious goblets and gowns, Vikings and many many more exciting themes.

The Cutie Curators Club aims to provide fun, creative and cultural play based learning especially for zero – five year olds in a relaxed environment. . . . . . . .


Joining up with the Cutie Curator fun.

You are most welcome to join our current young ones and Fleur.  Our Cutie Curator Club page has more information for you about the programme, and also how to join us here.  This is a prime opportunity to encourage your child’s engagement with the world around them.  The fun component of this programme is on us –  our fees merely cover the time spent here.   🙂