Abbey Museum education programs are aligned to the Australian Curriculum

All the Abbey Museum Education Programs are aligned to the Australian Curriculum – History and QSA Senior Secondary Subjects.

We offer a broad selection of activities and engaging educational experiences for history students.

Students will have a memorable experience investigating the worlds of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe and Aboriginal Australia. 

Students from St Mary's College enjoy the Archaeological Dig at the Abbey Museum.

Experience a relevant, interactive and fun school excursion just north of Brisbane.

Students will enjoy our popular, hands-on experiences, including archaeological digs, environmental heritage trails, and even an introduction to mummification!

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology offers an engaging learning environment including

  • Displays with  primary archaeological evidence of 500,000 years of world history
  • Displays showcasing a broad social context
  • Programs facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable instructors
  • Guidelines to prepare for your visit
  • Downloadable activity sheets for selected programs
  • Risk assessments statements 
  • Programs may be  modified on request to suit individual school requirements

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