Kids Dig it at the Abbey Museum in the School Holidays

Kids Dig the Abbey Museum in school holidays

School holidays at the Abbey Museum are always fun. The whole place comes alive with the sounds of excited young children digging up the past and exploring history. This September our young visitors have become archaeologist and excavated a mini dig site filled with treasures from ancient Egypt. They have uncovered canopic jars that once held internal organs, little shabti statuettes, plates decorated with lotus blossom and amulets. The more active have enjoyed the ever popular archery and for the investigative types there is archaeology in the lab where they have been identifying coins, dissecting coprolites and reconstituting pottery shards to identify the original urn or jar.

Making a Greek mask at the Abbey Museum in the school holidays

Making a Greek Mask


In the Museum dressing up as an ancient Egyptian or Roman provides parents with great photo opportunities. There are games, arts and craft activates including making a Greek drama masks, and mythological characters such as Medusa, Poseidon and Apollo. The figure of Venus is by far the most popular.

Making a Roman mosaic during Archaeology Family Fun week at the Abbey Museum

Making a Roman Mosaic inspired artwork


It is great to get positive feedback from the parents that the Museum is offering a wonderful, fun opportunity for their children to learn a little bit about history.

Kids Dig it at the Abbey Museum in the School Holidays

Kids Dig artefacts


It is not too late for you to experience all of this as a family, these activities run until Friday the 3rd of October, book now.