Abbey Museum Volunteer receives acknowledgement

If You Hang Around Long Enough

Our very good friend Maurice O’Connell (that is “o apostrophe c,o,n,n,e,l,l” as one local business noted on his membership card) was recently honoured at the Longman Volunteer Awards.

These awards are given during National Volunteer Week to honour volunteers in various categories for their service to an organisation within each Federal electorate. Under the category Arts and Culture, Maurice was honoured for his long and dedicated service to the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology.  He has been a volunteer at the Museum for over 20 years. During that time you may have met him:

  • taking visitors on a tour of the stained glass windows in the Abbey Church
  • running an educational dig for a class of school studentsVolunteer Maurice O'Connell the archaeologist
  • spruiking at the Medieval Festival
  • acting as Master of Ceremonies at the Picnic at Pemberley
  • keeping a photographic record of some Museum activities
  • assisting with activities during Family Fun Weeks
  • driving the tractor to replace the sand in the archaeological digs

Congratulations Maurice – lovely to see your dedication appreciated by a wider audience.