Junior Archaeologists Club

Hands-on Fun for Junior Archaeologists!

Junior Archaeologists celebrate as the Abbey Museum’s Junior Archaeologist Club (JAC) is two years old this term.

All Junior Archaeologists agree, time flies when you’re having fun! Here is a bit of an update on what we have been doing lately! Each term we look at a different theme or culture relating to the displays in the Abbey Museum. This year our Junior Archaeologists have explored Vikings, Egyptians, Romans and this term, it’s all about Archaeology. Junior Archaeologists Club hands on fun

At Junior Archaeologists club we like to get hands-on!

Week 1 saw our Junior Archaeologists exploring the Museum, discussing tools an archaeologist might use and what they might discover. We excavated a mini archaeological dig, and even played a game with a prehistoric American theme! In Week 2, we investigated the diet of prehistoric Americans (whilst examining coprolites), Vikings and Ancient Romans! We discussed how useful wheat is and even tried crushing it into flour. We planted our own wheat seeds, and although they have been stricken by drought, we are going to come back to the site later this term. We looked at the leftovers in our lunchboxes and what happens if we leave things in there… Junior Archaeologists having fun

The Museum Director (Edith) visited us in Week 3, and gave an awesome presentation on Aboriginal stone tools! This was an amazing experience and we got to compare our attempts at stone tool making with the real thing. Our Junior Archaeologists are a very creative bunch and really enjoyed the challenge. We spoke about the use of natural, local materials and how far a lot of products travel to us today.

In Week 4 we looked at Ancient Roman travel networks, and how amazing their roads were, with some of them still in use today! We made our own roads using different materials (like crushed biscuits and lollies) so we could get our dolls across without wetting their feet in the “icing sugar swamp”. Our roads didn’t last as long as the Romans’, but the swamp didn’t survive the afternoon either!

Week 5 was all about telling stories. We made Balinese inspired shadow puppets and put on our own show in the Museum. We listened to samples of music and matched them with Museum exhibits. This was a really interesting exercise and the ‘Juniors’ were very quick to give their opinion on the different instruments. I’m sure we wowed the Office Staff with the incredible musical skills from our drumming circle! JAC artwork                   JAC artwork The ‘Juniors’ enjoyed looking at art through the ages in Week 6, and even created their own masterpiece (using an artefact from the Museum as inspiration). We are now more than halfway through the term, but over the next couples of weeks we have more adventures planned (including a time travelling fashion parade and a historical version of ‘The Block’). Week 6 has been fun, and the team has really liked examining the daily lives of people throughout history and finding out more from evidence/ clues left behind! Going into our third year we have more exciting themes planned, but in true Junior Archaeologist Club style we will keep it fun, hands-on and mucky because… Kids Dig It! Historical dress-ups with the Junior Archaeologists

For more information on the club and how to enrol your child as a Junior Archaeologist, contact kids@abbeymuseum.asn.au