Fun things for kids to do in Brisbane

There was a time, not so long ago, when fun things for kids to do in Brisbane did not include museums.  Kids in museums were not a good mix.  Noisy, curious, un-heeding little strangers were seen more of an inconvenience to be ‘Shushed!’ than engaged with.  As in libraries, where the signs of ‘Silence!’ left no more to be said, museums did not wave the ‘Kids Welcome!’ flag.  But thank goodness! … longer!  As methods of learning have evolved from theory to hands-on over the years , and as inquiring minds are recognized for the brightness  they reflect and the promise they show, who should be made more welcome to these amazing institutions of learning, than kids? At the Abbey Museum, we think Kids in Museums rock!

A core visions of the Abbey Museum is the provision of quality cultural and educational experiences for children and hence the carefully chosen education programs at the Abbey Museum have embraced the principle of welcoming kids in museums.    We have a myriad of activities that will engage and stimulate your children’s imaginations, a few of which I will relate below.  However, as with any of the Abbey Museum events, in order to engage full potential of the event, it has to be experienced .  (Why not sign up for our TABULA newsletter to keep yourself up to date with all of the events on offer!)

Museums in Brisbane - kids love 'em!The Thursday morning Cutie Curators Club has totally acknowledged the importance of play-based learning and is one of the most fun things to do with kids in Brisbane, exploring different early-learning themes each week.  For babies and per-school children, this is a fantastic avenue of education.

How about a venue for your next kid’s birthday party?  The Abbey Museum provides a unique party venue near Brisbane for that special birthday offering an Egyptian or Medieval theme for your child to choose. For children aged 10 and under, with a variety of games and activities on offer, watch how little imaginations are sparked opening-up whole new world of creative education-based parties that you would have never imagined.

Fun things for kids to do in BrisbaneSchool holiday activities with value for money in-mind is also wrapped up at the Abbey Museum.  Held at the museum grounds, should be in your diary of things to do during school holidays to keep your busy kids occupied in a fun and educational environment. And in fact, if you are booking any of your family holidays to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or the beautiful Bribie Island, check out our School Holiday program so you don’t miss out on any of the fun, creative and exciting things to do with kids in greater Brisbane during the school holidays.

As I mentioned, this is just a snippet of what the Abbey Museum has on offer for kids and I’m hoping that via this blog,  families and kids in museums across Australia will soon have a voice.  Not silenced and Shushed!  We would love to hear yours! Tell us what else we other experiences we can offer to get more Kids in Museums!