Jane Austen

Facts about Jane Austen that you may not know!


Little known and interesting facts about the author Jane Austen

With the Picnic at Pemberley taking place this weekend here at the Abbey Museum, we have found some interesting and possibly unknown facts about the legendary Jane Austen to share with you!

  •  Austen was one of eight children — she had six brothers and one sister, Cassandra, who was one of her closest friends.
  • Austen never married, but she once accepted a marriage proposal from the wealthy brother of a close friend. She turned him down the following day after coming to terms with the fact that she didn’t love him.
  •  In Austen’s lifetime, she completed 6 novels, 4 of which were published before her death, and all her works were published anonymously. Her first published novel, Sense and Sensibility, was credited “By a Lady” and her next book, Pride and Prejudice, was credited to “The Author of Sense and Sensibility.”
  • Austen gained her knowledge of life at sea, for her books such as Persuasion, through her brother Frank, who had a successful career in the British navy and was closest in age to Jane
  • Jane Austen wrote an early draft of Sense and Sensibility in the early 1790s, and then revised it heavily before it was published in 1811. Likewise, sixteen years would pass between the time that her family first tried to get First Impressions published and the time that the novel appeared as Pride and Prejudice in 1813.

Jane, who is consistently recognized as one of the most important literary figures in history, deserves to be continually celebrated through events such as the Picnic at Pemberley on here at the Abbey Museum this Saturday 19th September.

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