Grant to Assist Build of new Joust Arena

Celebrating Festival Funding

There was great cause for celebrations recently at the Abbey Museum when we were advised of the successful applications for not just one but two important funding grants to assist in planning and hosting the Abbey Medieval Festival.

Funding From TEQ

The first, from Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) is to support marketing for the Abbey Medieval Festival throughout Queensland and interstate.  TEQ has been a long standing supporter of our Festival and of the region in general and this funding will enable us to:

  • employ specialised graphic personnel to design engaging graphics and Festival images;
  • employ specialised video personnel to create video clips to promote the Festival online;
  • have a much-needed refresh of the festival website with supporting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media campaigns
  • the funds might also stretch to assist us partially in a new billboard campaign

These funds are vital to help us retain our cutting edge in a busy and competitive tourism environment and to enable us to attract as wide an audience as possible.

Stronger Communities Program Funding

The second, from the Stronger Communities Program, will provide funds towards development of the Joust Arena at Abbeystowe by installation of permanent fencing which will maximise use of the arena.

The Abbey Museum is grateful to both these organisations for their assistance in enabling us to continue our program of ensuring the Abbey Medieval Festival remains an important tourism drawcard for the region.

Medieval Festival - Coming July 2018