A Medieval Christmas - an evening of Gregorian Chant

Celebrating Christmas with Ancient Song

There is no better way to commence celebrating Christmas than to attend an evening of wonderful ancient chants sung by the Brisbane choir, Schola Cantorum.  Hallelujah! It was also the ideal way to welcome the newly conserved and reconfigured Winchester Cathedral stained glass windows back to their rightful place in the Abbey Church.  After missing the group last year, an appreciative audience was delighted to have Advent ushered in with the unsurpassed sounds of the Gregorian Chants. Performed by a small but dedicated group, Schola Cantorum nevertheless filled the Abbey Church with their music for almost an hour.

More Celebrating with Medieval Christmas Fayre

Following the performance in the Church, chanters and audience moved to the Abbey Hall where tables laden with medieval Christmas themed supper awaited.  Whilst partaking of this appetising repast, chanters and audience were able to meet and mingle sharing their enjoyment of the evening.

Gregorian Chanting and a Medieval Feast

Appetites appeased, the evening was rounded out with a further session of Christmas carols, led by Schola Cantorum but with audience members invited to join in.  A fitting end to another great evening and a proper commencement to the celebration of Christmas.

Guests Join in singing carols with Schola Cantorum

Our Medieval Christmas – an evening of Gregorian Chant is held annually on the last Saturday of November.  So when you start filling in your 2015 calendar don’t forget to mark this date so you can join us in celebrating Christmas 2015 with the moving sound of ancient Medieval chant. Tickets will go on sale in August.