Stained Glass presentation in Abbey Church

Celebrating a Stained Glass Milestone

Invited guests – donors who had supported the program – gathered in the Abbey Church in early December to help celebrate the conclusion of a ten year project of conservation of the stained glass windows in the Church.

Stained Glass Thank You

Director of the Abbey Museum, Edith Cuffe OAM, explained the obstacles which had to be overcome in order for the conservation project to be undertaken, not least of which was the substantial fundraising effort required. The presentation was a ‘thank-you’ and acknowledgement of those who donated or assisted in other ways to raise the funds necessary for the conservation work to take place. Edith introduced guests to Gerry Cummins and Jill Stehn, the conservators who undertook this mammoth task.

Conservators Gerry and Jill

Conservator’s stained glass presentation

Gerry’s presentation included a power-point showing before and after photographs of each window as it was subject to the conservator’s attention. He told how the removal of some windows was made very difficult because of the age of the glass and fragility of the supporting leadwork! The work undertaken on each window was discussed in detail with all issues such as missing pieces, leadwork used to cover cracks, pieces of unrelated glass, substituted glass or pictures put together incorrectly relating to the conservation shown and explained.

The afternoon finished with a delicious afternoon tea and a chance to chat with Gerry and Jill about the work. Each donor was presented with a DVD of the presentation. A truly illuminating experience!

Abbey Museum stained glass conservation

The Abbey Museum thanks all donors and supporters of this 10 year Stained Glass conservation project.