Post card of Conway castle in the Abbey Museum Collection

Why Postcards?

Throughout his entire life the Reverend JSM Ward, founder of the collection at the Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology, was driven by a desire to understand the evolution of humankind. He amassed some 90,000 objects which provide brief glimpses into the lives of cultures and civilizations long past. While most of his collection were objects used by people, Ward also brought together a contemporary collection of postcards. Luckily for us postcards are easily transportable, deftly stored and mostly have little value and therefore are unlikely to be on top of an asset list. Postcards often remain with collectors longer than more valuable objects might in times of financial hardship.

Ward’s postcard collection includes images of archaeological and historical sites, tourist attractions, spiritually meaningful places and culturally distinctive snapshots of people, events and lifestyles from about the late 1800s until his death in 1949. While they are positioned mostly outside the usual collection policy of the Museum, we have included these as part of the Ward memorabilia section. For many months now, I have been assiduously sorting them and slowly …

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Collections Management – Exploring the Depths of Storage


One of the perks of being a Volunteer at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, is that there are a myriad of scenarios that I might not otherwise had an opportunity to experience.

Amongst the tasks I work on, I am really really lucky to be a part of the Collections Management team.  I’m feeling very blessed to be here.  It’s not everyone who gets a chance to be involved ‘up close and personal’ with items that can be literally thousands of years old at times.

Obviously, the primary tasks of the the collections team is to ensure that every object is identified and recorded – not only with all the information about its individual identity; listing and planning for each preservation and conservation needs that arise; as well as of course, the actual housing of the artefact.

Yesterday was the first day of our annual audit process.  This began a day of wonder for me.

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An Archaeological Dig for Free?


How would you like a free Archaeological Dig at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology? 


Calling All Volunteers for the Annual Archeological Dig dig-out!

Why should everyone else have all the fun?

Tour Groups have enjoyed this!

The Red Hat Ladies have enjoyed our dig.

School kids enjoy this!

Our digs are on offer all year round with our school programmes.

It’s that time of year again were we need volunteers To help dig out the digs and sieve the soil.

This is your chance to get into the actual dig we use here on site.

So if you are available Friday 30th November …

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A Christmas gift with a difference

Abbey Museum Membership – A Christmas Gift for the person who has everything!

Are you be looking for something a little different to give as a Christmas gift this year?  Perhaps there’s  somebody in your life that you just don’t quite know what to give.  We have a suggestion – why not gift an ‘Abbey Museum Friends’ membership?

This is a gift that everyone benefits from!  If supporting the arts is something you would like to do and if you know somebody that is interested in history and would like to join a very social group of inspired supporters, then this is the perfect gift!

Abbey Museum Friends have lots of fun!

Free admission to the Abbey Museum Free admission to the annual Abbey Medieval Tournament Monthly e-newsletter (to keep you up to date with the latest news, stories and upcoming events) A copy of the annual magazine – Lindisfarne Opportunity to support acquisitions to the collection and improvement of the Abbey Museum facilities

Call us today to arrange your membership gift!  Tel. 07 5495 1652

A dual membership …

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Tah Dahhhh! Challenge met. :) I wonder what is coming up next week? Photo by S Vos

Our New Junior Archaeologist Club Is Here

Our brand new Junior Archaeologist Club has been taken to like a duck to water!


Last Wednesday afternoon , our doors opened for our inaugural weekly session right here within the Abbey Museum walls, with Fleur Capewell who also runs our Cutie Curators heading the session.




We are accepting that this programme is already a resounding success – this was just the first day and the  kids just didn’t want to go home!





We are really really happy to be able to present this club to all budding junior archaeologists every Wednesday afternoon







There is more information to be had on our Junior Archaeologist Club page – you are all most welcome to …

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This Roman Glass Bangle is on display at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology

Roman Times and Kids

In order to feel that I’ve given you something worthwhile to read and to go away with,  I had to share  something that I know.

So what DO I know about Roman times and kids?


Not much at all.

In fact, what I did come up with was all the stuff I could think about that I didn’t know much about, and then there was all the things that  I really really didn’t know anything at all about Roman times and kids.

The Abbey Museum has a display case and more with Roman artefacts.  I’ve found this  pic. of a little bit of the display.


What to do?

So here’s a list of all the things I really don’t know about Roman times and kids.

 What I don’t know about Roman times and kids

I don’t know:

Anything much at all about kids in Roman times What did Roman kids eat? What …

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Photo by M O'Connell

Walk for Winchester 2012

Rugged terrain, gruelling physical challenges, disaster and hardship at every turn?  NOT!!!!!  Here’s the real deal about the Walk For Winchester 2012.

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

For all those who were tucked up at home, or a friends’, or a venue somewhere watching the AFL Grand Final – here’s what you missed on this beautiful Saturday in our ‘beautiful one day and perfect the next’ greater Brisbane’s Bribie Island and Caboolture area.


The real deal about FOTAM’S  Walk For Winchester.

FOTAM – Friends Of The Abbey Museum –  has held a fund-raising Walk For Winchester for some years now.  It’s a pretty selfish venture for the participants.

While immersing themselves in the bounty of natural wealth of this …

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Play-Based learning is so much fun at Cutie Curators' Club!

Our Cutie Curators Club is thriving.

We thought you might be interested in an excerpt from our current Cutie Curators Club’s newsletter.   This is written by our lovely Cutie Curators’  Club new co-ordinator, Fleur Capewell.

Enjoy.  🙂


Cutie Curator Club newsletter (extract)

Hasn’t term three gone quickly?  Our Cutie Curators have had lots of adventrues this term; we have built castles and invaded them, travelled to the moon and even competed in the Abbey Olympics.

Our curators have followed pirate maps and hunted for treasure, made some beautiful mosaics and explored musical instruments from all over the world.

Hats and Shoes week included discovering that there is a ‘real’ Queens’ shoe as part of the museum collection and we talked about the different functions of the shoes and hats in the exhibits.  Flags, feathers and food gave us an insight into different ways of expressing ourselves using colour, and how colourful displays can give us information.

Out curators made some fantastic fathers day crafts, and some ‘worlds greatest dad’ awards for …

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A fun day for children and their Mummies

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology hosted their themed Kids Dig It Archaeology Fun Day last Saturday to give children a unique and fun holiday experience.

Over 585 children and parents converged at St Michael’s College to participate in a huge range of activities including:  stone tool making, archery, ribbon dancing, shield painting, medieval games and so many more.

Other highlights of the day included the children’s costume contest, face painting, jumping castle and loads of other activities.

This event was hosted by the Abbey Museum to encourage childrens’ interest in history and archaeology through fun and interactive activities. Saturday’s Dig It Day 2012 builds on the success of the previous Dig It Day hosted in the 2011 September school holidays.

Event co-coordinator Tania Wickham said …

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Welcome to the Abbey Museum Blog!


The best kept secret of south-east Queensland is finally being found-out!  The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology has one of THE most significant collections in Australia.

The lovely gardens, the shady trees begging for a picnic blanket, the clear air, the oft-present sunshine, the open spaces, belie the jewels within the walls of our unassuming facade.  Quietly, quietly the wealth reveals itself to all those who look.

The Abbey Museum is not just about dusty ornaments.

The unexpected treasures you will discover as you browse around will delight you.

Stained glass dating from the end of the 11th century;  Art Work collections – a story in itself that you will hear about in posts to come; Artefacts galore from all the ends of the earth; Over 500,00 years of man-kind’s history of living life on earth.

Whether your interest is a specific era of history, whether you are focused on archaeology, whether you are seeking an overview of …

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