Museum Prepares for Brisbane Parade

Abbey Museum Volunteers on the World Stage

While some of the staff at the Abbey Museum were busily preparing for our recent Jousting Spectacular event, our Abbey Museum Volunteers were keeping up a busy social life for the Museum with parades and visits to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Abbey Museum Volunteers show off at the G20

The Queensland Government pulled out all the stops ahead of the G20 Summit to showcase Brisbane through live shows, street performances and interactive light shows across the cities CBD. The one event that caught our eye on the G20 Cultural Celebrations program was the ‘Brisbane on Parade’ event – a parade designed to showcase Brisbane and its finest. What a great way to not only promote the Museum but to celebrate what we do best. Between a group of Chinese Lion Dancers and Brazilian carnival stilt walkers was a group of wonderful and loyal Abbey Museum volunteers and re-enactors highlighting the eras represented by the Museum’s fundraising events and education programs. We say ‘wonderful and loyal’ to describe our Abbey Museum volunteers because not only did they give up their Saturday afternoon to help us out, they did so in the sweltering heat all with a smile on their faces having had a great time.

Abbey Museum Volunteers at the  Brisbane on Parade G20 Street Parade

Following our frolic through Southbank, the next stop on our social calendar saw a small group of Abbey Museum volunteers pay a visit to the Royal Children’s Hospital. Accepting an invitation from the brilliant team at the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, we packed up some craft activities, dressed up some volunteers and headed off for a morning of medieval fun. It was such a joy to see smiling faces as they became noble kings and queens, knights defending kingdoms and Frozen-inspired princesses. Our volunteer knight in shining armour and a fair maiden toured the Wards to visit and take pictures with the kids. The chance to gift a moment’s fun and entertainment to these children was truly wonderful and we were grateful to be given the opportunity to do so.

Abbey Museum Volunteers participating in the Street Parade

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology greatly appreciates the generosity of the community who support our fundraising events. A visit the Royal Children’s Hospital was a fantastic opportunity for us to give a little back. This could not have happened without our spectacular Abbey Museum volunteers, their loyalty and dedication is truly inspiring.

Abbey Museum Volunteers Prepare for the Brisbane Parade

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