The White Wings Dove Service

Be carried away with the majestic releasing of the

White Doves

this Pemberley!


An integral part of our Picnic at Pemberley event is the white dove release, with the most beautiful doves from Fiona and White Wings Dove Service.

Fiona’s love of pure white racing pigeons began when she was gifted breeding stock back in 2010 from Gordon Basford, who encouraged Fiona’s son to be involved as a junior competitor in the racing pigeon sport. Gordon was also instrumental to Fiona starting a white dove release business and to incorporate turn of the century costuming. For 4 years it was only a dream until 2014, when she began working with 2 white birds she bred and trained. After obtaining more breeding birds her flock grew to 5 breeding pairs of white doves.

The White Wings Dove Service currently accepts bookings from North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast region where it provides a variety of performances for weddings, funerals, birthdays, Mothers Day, day care centres, aged care facilities and memorials such as Anzac and Remembrance Day. One of Fiona’s favourite events is attending the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Service for the Internment of Ashes for Early Pregnancy Loss, held on the second Thursday in May.

White Wings Dove Service has been a special part of our Pemberley Program for the past 3 years, being a very popular and exquisite attraction, so make sure you witness the Doves this Pemberley!


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