A Picnic at Pemberley 2017

A Picnic at Pemberley 2017!

On Saturday 2nd September, Jane Austen fans and hopeless romantics alike will once again get a chance to spend the afternoon with the devilishly handsome Mr. Darcy at the Abbey Museum’s A Picnic at Pemberley. The grounds at the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology are transformed into a picturesque Regency paradise, to raise funds to build a much needed art gallery an a long-awaited home for the invaluable ‘Old Masters’ copies and icons’ — part of the Abbey Museum’s collection not yet available for the public to view.  And,  as an added incentive to our wonderful Picnic at Pemberley fans, this year – for the first time –  you will also have the unique opportunity to view some of these wonderful and very rare ‘Old Masters’ copies.

This year, also,  we will also be hosting an optional morning regency dance workshop, commencing at 10.30am. We really encourage you to join us for this low impact but highly amusing ‘healthful sports’ workshop recreating leisurely activity as it was in the Regency era!

A moralist …

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A Guide to Pemberley – Pemberley’s Great Expectations

The rush of opening my emails at work and finding Mr Darcy’s invitation to his Pemberley event, nearly causes a riot when my friend glances over my shoulder and forces me to explain why “Mr Darcy” (who sounds like someone from the Regency Era) is inviting me to an exclusive event at a place called Pemberley. Where is her invite??

“Dearest Friend, Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy would like to cordially invite you to his most wonderful annual event: A Picnic at Pemberley, held on Saturday September the 10th.”

It’s like my Regency Christmas dreams have all been filled at once. My mind is off and racing with visions of delicate Regency inspired dresses, ornate tea cups, dancing, games, and of course my future husband – Mr Darcy himself!

I think I have some explaining to do..

What is A Picnic at Pemberley?

Mr Darcy’s Picnic at Pemberley is a much loved annual event of the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology and the neighbouring Abbey Church. The gardens surrounding the Abbey Museum are transformed into …

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