Antique, Vintage or Just Plain Old?

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure!

Indeed this statement is so true! Have you ever heard the stories of the families that had a special item at home that they were absolutely SURE would make them an overnight millionaire because it belonged to great-grandmother Betty who said it was a special antique family heirloom?

Well great-grandmother Betty told Grandy Bruce, who told his daughter Alice, who then told her niece Bertha it was special and had been in the family for generations. The item was taken to be appraised only to revel that it had indeed been in the family for generations, but was worth absolutely nothing apart from the knowledge it was special.

So how do you know that your old family antiques are actually antiques and not just… old?

What is an Antique?

Today everything seems to be called an antique!

Generally speaking, an antique is any work of art, piece of …

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Aboriginal Archaeology and the Archaeologist – PD day for teachers


The Abbey Museum, in association with Turnstone Archaeology, is offering teachers the opportunity to learn about and discuss Aboriginal Archaeology and the impact of European colonisation.  Aboriginal Archaeology and the curriculum is discussed and where year levels will correlate to this subject.  You will spend the day with an expert in the field of Aboriginal Archaeology, Michael Strong, from Turnstone Archaeology, and with an Aboriginal Elder, experiencing practical applications of local Aboriginal Archaeology.

These days proved extremely successful in January 2015 with the following comments made by attending teachers:

‘Full of information that can be transferred into further teaching.’ ‘Very informative and thought-provoking.’ ‘Very interesting and worthwhile.’ ‘Very insightful. Not being from the area, it was helpful for my teaching and planning.  Now know the resources available.’ ‘Excellent.  All I hoped it would be and more.  Will recommend it!’

More Teacher …

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Archaeology Family Fun: Kids Dig It!

Dig for treasure in the mini archaeological digs, put on your white coats for archaeology in the lab and learn about ancient cultures!

Monday 22nd September through to Friday 3rd October 10am – 3pm (excludes weekends).

Scheduled Activities include Archaeological Digs, Archery and Archaeology in the Lab. All Day Activities include Colouring-in, Dress-ups, Make a Paper Mosaic, Make a Greek Character and lots more!

Make a Neolithic Pinch Pot for an extra $2.00!


Family (2 Adults, up to 4 children): $25.00 Family (1 Adult, up to 4 children): $19.80 Adults: $12 Concession: $8.50 Child (5yrs – 15yrs): $7 Activity Fee (4yrs & under): $3.00

Are you and outside school hours care provider and bringing a big group of kids? These are our guidelines to make sure you get the most out of your day with us;

 Groups must pre-book (NB: only one OSHC group accepted per day), please email  Carers are required to provide active supervision.  Carers are responsible for their group’s behaviour when on site.  Maximum number per group – 60 kids.  Minimum of 1 Carer per 10 …

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