Abbey Open Day and Boutique Christmas Markets

Join us at our 2nd ever Open Day and Boutique Christmas Markets at the Abbey Museum!


This event was so popular last year that we had to bring it back, promising to be bigger and better than last year!

Our wonderful Open Day and Christmas Markets will be held in the lush gardens and grounds of the Abbey Museum on Saturday the 19th of November, where the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology will be opening it’s doors, free of charge, for guests to come and explore the amazing displays and artifacts!

Mini Digs will also be available for kids! At $5 a dig, your children can pretend to be archaeologists and dig up an awesome treasure to take home. Mini Digs are available for 6-12 year olds, and Toddle Digs for 5 years and under.

Our special Boutique Christmas Markets will also be available to peruse, and …

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Antique, Vintage or Just Plain Old?

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Indeed this statement is so true! Have you ever heard the stories of the families that had a special item at home that they were absolutely SURE would make them an overnight millionaire because it belonged to great-grandmother Betty who said it was a special antique family heirloom?

Well great-grandmother Betty had told grandmother Mary, who told her daughter Amy, who then told her niece Natalie it was special and had been in the family for generations. Natalie then took it to be appraised and discovered (to her horror) that it was indeed in their family for generations, but was worth absolutely nothing apart from the knowledge it was special.

So how do you know that your old family antiques are actually antiques and not just… old?

What is an Antique?

Today everything seems to be called an antique!

Generally speaking, an antique is any work of art, piece …

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