Order of the Horse – Pemberley 2016

Horses, Cavalry, Guns and Uniforms


The backdrop set in the time of the famous Napoleonic Wars in the early 1900s in Regency style.

A time where women paraded around in regency dress and gentleman courted, escorted and swept ladies off their feet. When men were adorned in French or Anglo uniform and women worshiped their male heroes of war.

Picnic at Pemberley transports us to a time of grace where women were dressed in beautiful gowns and men a like, a time when military men of the cavalry were admired with awe. Their horses and uniforms breath taking. At Picnic of Pemberley, a small unit of heavy French Cavalry serving the Emperor Napoleon arrive at the Picnic on their horses. Women and men eye off the cavalry and their horses as they enter as guests. An armoured Cuirassier officer of the cavalry, appointed by the Emperor Napoleon, and Dragoons, display a beautiful drill on their horses in full uniform followed by a short skill at arms on horse back. The two riders aspire to show off to the ladies their elegant skill at delicately slicing apples and eloquent tent pegging in what is a display in the confines of the main arena where the Picnic takes place. The French cavalry show off in front of the ladies on their horses how eloquent they are and try to charm the women in their wake on horse back, while a French officer shows the ladies and men just how great Napoleon’s heavy cavalry are by parading in their fully adorned uniforms and horse tack.

The Order of the Horse has been performing at Pemberley with their horses since 2012 along side La Belle Alliance. Head of the Order of the Horse is also the founder and creator of three French and German cavalry units for the Napoleonic era as seen at History Alive. The horses and crew are veteran performers for the Abbey Medieval Festival, History Alive and many other events nationally and internationally.

Sadly, in 2015 and 2016, they missed the Picnic at Pemberley, but they will be back again with a new choreographed performance for 2017!

You will see a fully armoured Cuirassier officer all decked out in full military horse tack and uniform and escorted by two of his heavy French Dragoons who are also cavalry. This all adds up to being a beautiful display of wonderful military colours and stunningly groomed military horses. You may even see the French cavalry appear randomly on side with Napoleonic infantry.