Meet Dance Kaleidoscope!

Ever wondered who the amazing performers are at the Picnic at Pemberley? We’d love to introduce you to..

Dance Kaleidoscope!


Dance Kaleidoscope began as a performance group in 2002. It was opened by a small group of people who had attended an English dance camp weekend on Tamborine Mountain. They are based in Logan City, but have members who come from all around the Brisbane area.  This group performs at folk festivals, historic houses, birthday parties and weddings, as well as teaching dance to children in schools. The dances cover the period from 1650, when they were first published, until about 1820. During that time period, the dances essentially remained the same and are referred to as ‘English Playford’ or ‘English Country’ dances. Dance Kaleidoscope usually describe their dances to the public as the dances they see in “Pride and Prejudice” and other Jane Austen and regency themed movies. Over the last few years, the group has accepted more beginner dancers, and spend more time dancing for their own fun, as well as performing.

Info about Dance Kaleidoscopes musicians is best described by themselves, on their website. 

“Sounds Austen” is an evolving collective of talented musicians whose goal is to recreate and perform a variety of dance music primarily from the Regency period. The group has been formed in collaboration with the outstanding group of dancers from Dance Kaleidoscope. They spend most of their time researching, rewriting and arranging the music, tracking down every version of each piece or song, and have based the arrangements on original musical scores from as far back as 1690.

A typical line up is flute, violin, viola, cello, bassoon, guitar, and piano, however they can perform with as few as three people.

“We get a real kick out of performing Regency music for our dancing friends and we have literally travelled all over the countryside to bring our combined performances to appreciative audiences”.

People coming to the workshop by Dance Kaleidoscope can expect to experience some of the simpler dances of the period. There are no fancy steps used so anyone who can skip and walk in time to music will have no difficulty in learning and enjoying the dances. Dances are called throughout as a reminder so people don’t have to remember a whole dance. They will also hear stories of the way that people were expected to behave while attending a dance, and how that affects the way you interact with your partner. They will discover how the clothes you wear affect how you dance. Perhaps they will even find you a husband!!


Book in for the Regency Dance Workshop now as spaces are limited!