The White Wings Dove Service

Be carried away with the majestic releasing of the

White Doves

this Pemberley!

An integral part of our Picnic at Pemberley event is the white dove release, with the most beautiful doves from Fiona and White Wings Dove Service.

Fiona’s love of pure white racing pigeons began when she was gifted breeding stock back in 2010 from Gordon Basford, who encouraged Fiona’s son to be involved as a junior competitor in the racing pigeon sport. Gordon was also instrumental to Fiona starting a white dove release business and to incorporate turn of the century costuming. For 4 years it was only a dream until 2014, when she began working with 2 white birds she bred and trained. After obtaining more breeding birds her flock grew to 5 breeding pairs of white doves.

The White Wings Dove Service currently accepts bookings from North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast region where it provides a variety of performances for weddings, funerals, birthdays, Mothers Day, day care centres, …

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Meet Dance Kaleidoscope!

Ever wondered who the amazing performers are at the Picnic at Pemberley? We’d love to introduce you to..

Dance Kaleidoscope!

Dance Kaleidoscope began as a performance group in 2002. It was opened by a small group of people who had attended an English dance camp weekend on Tamborine Mountain. They are based in Logan City, but have members who come from all around the Brisbane area.  This group performs at folk festivals, historic houses, birthday parties and weddings, as well as teaching dance to children in schools. The dances cover the period from 1650, when they were first published, until about 1820. During that time period, the dances essentially remained the same and are referred to as ‘English Playford’ or ‘English Country’ dances. Dance Kaleidoscope usually describe their dances to the public as the dances they see in “Pride and Prejudice” and other Jane Austen and regency themed movies. Over the last few years, the group has accepted more beginner dancers, and spend more time dancing for their own fun, as …

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A Guide to Pemberley – Pemberley’s Great Expectations

The rush of opening my emails at work and finding Mr Darcy’s invitation to his Pemberley event, nearly causes a riot when my friend glances over my shoulder and forces me to explain why “Mr Darcy” (who sounds like someone from the Regency Era) is inviting me to an exclusive event at a place called Pemberley. Where is her invite??

“Dearest Friend, Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy would like to cordially invite you to his most wonderful annual event: A Picnic at Pemberley, held on Saturday September the 10th.”

It’s like my Regency Christmas dreams have all been filled at once. My mind is off and racing with visions of delicate Regency inspired dresses, ornate tea cups, dancing, games, and of course my future husband – Mr Darcy himself!

I think I have some explaining to do..

What is A Picnic at Pemberley?

Mr Darcy’s Picnic at Pemberley is a much loved annual event of the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology and the neighbouring Abbey Church. The gardens surrounding the Abbey Museum are transformed into …

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New Event, New Picnic, New Program!

Introducing our exciting new program for 2016’s

Picnic At Pemberley!


From 10.00 – 11.30, guests can participate in the Regency Dance Workshop. Tickets are a must!

At 11.30, The gates to the Picnic At Pemberley event will officially open. (eeeeeekkk!)

From 11.30, those who have ordered a Lunch Basket are welcome to come and pick them up. These must be prebooked and will be delicious!

At 12.30, we will welcome you to the Pemberley event for 2016, with an appearance by Mr Darcy and Miss Elizabeth!

At 12.45, the Maypole Dancing for Adults will begin. Try not to get tangled!

From 1:00 – 4:00, you can try your hand at Archery.

At 1.00, we would love you to join us for the Abbey Church Tour.

At 1.15, get ready for an amazing performance by DANCE KALEIDOSCOPE.

At 1.30, there will be the awaited presentation by member of the Jane Austen Society of Australia.                             

1.30 will see the Maypole Dancing session for …

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Caddles light up a night of Trivia at the Abbey

Trivia at the Abbey

It was a dark and stormy night with lightning flashing, thunder grumbling and rain pelting down, but …it was the advertised night for the famous event Trivia at the Abbey and not even the wrath of mother nature could stop the show.

Trivia Question: who stole the Light??

Come preparation time we discovered there was no power anywhere around the Abbey – Museum, Church, Hall or Community. Ever resourceful, our Museum CEO suggested using the candles and candelabra from the annual medieval banquets – hooray, lights for each table. Five teams of intrepid trivia buffs had to search even harder to find answers to questions covering a wide range of topics; this was made more difficult by the loudness of the rain pelting on the roof and the softness of the questioner’s voice.

It was encouraging to have some new faces join the fun; hopefully they were not put off by the medieval style and will return for our next 21st century style event. Despite all the obstacles everyone enjoyed the night and we made another addition to the fund …

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lemonade stand

Lemonade Stand!

An innocent idea brings out the passion in 2 little girls!

Something special is happening at the Abbey Museum soon, and whilst the mummies were busy planning this event, 2 little girls decided they wanted to help, by hosting a lemonade stand!

The mummies, who thought this was a FANTASTIC idea, suggested they have a think about what it was they wanted to achieve with this stand, and how they were going to go about it.

The older of the 2 girls has come up with an amazing and detailed plan on how the girls are going to set up the stand, right through to breaks, prices and signage!

Lesson to be learned from this – always encourage children’s creative side, whether it be drawing, writing, or planning a little business idea, as you never know where their creative nature may take them in life. You may even learn something from …

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Jane Austen

Facts about Jane Austen that you may not know!

Little known and interesting facts about the author Jane Austen

With the Picnic at Pemberley taking place this weekend here at the Abbey Museum, we have found some interesting and possibly unknown facts about the legendary Jane Austen to share with you!

 Austen was one of eight children — she had six brothers and one sister, Cassandra, who was one of her closest friends.  By the young age of 23, Austen had already finished the original versions of Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice. Austen never married, but she once accepted a marriage proposal from the wealthy brother of a close friend. She turned him down the following day after coming to terms with the fact that she didn’t love him.  In Austen’s lifetime, she completed 6 novels, 4 of which were published before her death, and all her works were published anonymously. Her first published novel, Sense and Sensibility, was credited “By a Lady” and her next book, Pride and Prejudice, was …

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Medieval Festival Photos 2015

Kids in the Medieval time Period

Kids In the Medieval Time Period – How their Lives Differ From Back Then to Now

Children were thought of somewhat differently back in the middle ages and medieval time period than they are today. A lot of children unfortunately did not have the privilege of living a lighthearted and blissful life as children should, and because the time period was full of poor diet and sickness, the infant mortality rate was sadly high. The majority of children, did however, go on to lead, what they thought of back then, as ‘normal’ lives.   They were loved and regarded as a central part of their families right from birth, just as kids are today, and the death of a child was a blow that some parents never recovered from.

Though children were not expected to work full-time, as is a common misconception, they were expected to contribute to some of the household duties, even from before adolescence. Naturally, the poorer a family, the more essential it was for children to contribute to the workload. Children …

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Mr Darcy Wet

Another 5 reasons why we LOVE Mr Darcy

These are the main 5 reasons why we LOVE Mr Darcy.

He’s extremely handsome, especially when WET!

He’s amazing, especially when WET!

He’s gorgeous, especially when WET!

Hes ravishing, especially when WET! He’s simply exquisite, yes you guessed it! ESPECIALLY WHEN WET!



Click here for view another 13 reasons why we love this man!


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13 Reasons Why we love Mr Darcy

13 Reasons why we love Mr Darcy

For over 2 centuries women have swooned at the thought of Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy and have used his traits as a benchmark in their search for Mr Right. So what is it about the character we love so much?

He’s the ultimate unapproachable, difficult male figure who, although wholly unpleasant at first, turns out to be kind, gallant and selfless.And we fall for it every time.

Devilishly handsome, especially when wet.

Rich – Annual Income of 10,000 pounds. Today’s equivalent would be in excess of 800.000 pounds.


Comes with a Castle and significant land package.



Well groomed.

Faultless Deportment

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