Kids Dig It! Medieval Family Fun Week

Back by popular demand, our most eagerly awaited school holiday program…

Kids Dig It! Medieval Family Fun!


From 26th til 30th June, you and your kids can have a taste of what our Abbey Medieval Festival is like, on a smaller scale, at the June school holiday program.

Details of all the activities we will be offering will be available very soon, as well as booking details, so make sure you check back soon!


When: 26th – 30th June 2017

Time: Doors open at 9.30am with activities running from 10am to 3pm.

Admission: Adult: $12.00, Concession: $8.50, Children 5 – 15yrs: $ 7.00 Family 1 (1 adult, up to 4 kids): $19.80 Family 2 (2 adults, up to 4 kids): $25.00 Under 5yrs activity fee: $ 3.00

Visit the Abbey Cafe for a delicious selection of food (sandwiches, hot dogs, cheeseburgers and salads), drinks, icy poles, cake and coffee at reasonable prices! Running Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 2.00pm.


Book your …

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Kids Dig It! Medieval Family Fun Week

Join us for our Medieval Family Fun Week beginning

June 27!

With our Abbey Medieval Festival coming up, the Abbey will, this year, host the Kids Week on the Museum grounds, the week  before the Festival. Fun for kids of all ages, this years program will include a mini archaeological, medieval story telling, loads of fun arts and crafts, dress ups and costumes, and much more!


When: 27th June – 1st July 2016. Time: Doors open at 9.30am with activities running from 10am to 3pm. Admission: Adult:$12.00, Concession: $8.50, Children 5-15yrs :$7.00 Family 1 (1 Adult + up to 4 kids): $19.80 Family 2 (2 Adults + up to 4 kids): $25.00 Under 5yrs activity fee: $ 3.00, some extra activities incur a small cost.

Tickets on sale now, grab yours here today!


Are you an outside school hours care provider and bringing a group of kids? These are our guidelines to make sure you get the most out of your day with us;

Groups must pre-book, please email …

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Medieval Festival Photos 2015

Kids in the Medieval time Period

Kids In the Medieval Time Period – How their Lives Differ From Back Then to Now

Children were thought of somewhat differently back in the middle ages and medieval time period than they are today. A lot of children unfortunately did not have the privilege of living a lighthearted and blissful life as children should, and because the time period was full of poor diet and sickness, the infant mortality rate was sadly high. The majority of children, did however, go on to lead, what they thought of back then, as ‘normal’ lives.   They were loved and regarded as a central part of their families right from birth, just as kids are today, and the death of a child was a blow that some parents never recovered from.

Though children were not expected to work full-time, as is a common misconception, they were expected to contribute to some of the household duties, even from before adolescence. Naturally, the poorer a family, the more essential it was for children to contribute to the workload. Children …

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Fun things for kids to do in Brisbane

There was a time, not so long ago, when fun things for kids to do in Brisbane did not include museums.  Kids in museums were not a good mix.  Noisy, curious, un-heeding little strangers were seen more of an inconvenience to be ‘Shushed!’ than engaged with.  As in libraries, where the signs of ‘Silence!’ left no more to be said, museums did not wave the ‘Kids Welcome!’ flag.  But thank goodness! … longer!  As methods of learning have evolved from theory to hands-on over the years , and as inquiring minds are recognized for the brightness  they reflect and the promise they show, who should be made more welcome to these amazing institutions of learning, than kids? At the Abbey Museum, we think Kids in Museums rock!

A core visions of the Abbey Museum is the provision of quality cultural and educational experiences for children and hence the carefully chosen education programs at the Abbey Museum have embraced the principle of welcoming kids in museums.    We have a myriad of activities that will engage and stimulate your children’s imaginations, a …

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Even medieval stained glass windows need a make-over!

I recently explained to my husband, having spent a tidy sum on getting my hair done, that it costs more to stay beautiful as you get older.  And I promptly reminded him that as the famous TV ad slogan stated  ‘we’re worth it!’.   Like a lot of us folk in museums near Brisbane, the collection of  Medieval Stained Glass  at the Abbey Museum isn’t getting any younger either!

The Abbey Church

You might recall the Medieval Stained Glass post we presented recently.  It spoke about the Abbey church and the Gregorian Chanting highlight of our Abbey Medieval Festival.  The essential charisma of the extraordinary beauty of the stained glass in the Abbey Church can also be experienced during the knighting ceremony prior to the Medieval festival.  this magical ambiance with candlelight, chanting, costumes and spiritual peace  combine to facilitate a unique transformation into life in medieval times. This unique experience takes place every year before Christmas.

However, on a practical level, …

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GAMAA awards

Abbey Museum is GAMAA award winner

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology wins GAMAA award

3rd November 2017

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology was last night announced as a winner and a finalist at the GAMAA awards.  The awards – Gallery and Museum Achievement Awards – are presented annually to honour the achievements of individuals and organisations in striving towards excellence in the museum and gallery industry.

With six categories for organisations, (including projects, engagement and sustainability) and two for individuals, the Abbey Museum was proudly announced as a finalist for engagement in the organisational category and also as a winner in the individual awards for volunteer staff.

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology is situated near in the Moreton Bay town of Caboolture, an hour north of Brisbane and is one of Brisbane’s most unique museums. It has one of the finest collections of European and Classical artefacts open to the public in Australia. The Museum’s collection includes prehistoric artefacts, ceramics, glass, stained glass, metalwork, woodwork, lacquer, sculptures, manuscripts and rare books, Renaissance and Baroque paintings, water colours, icons and frescos. The collection …

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Viking Family Fun Week

School Holiday Activities

Abbey Museum’s School Holiday Activities

Abbey Museum specialises in entertaining and engaging school holiday activities and workshops for children aged 3 to 12 years to explore history and archaeology.

Kids Dig It! Family Fun Weeks 2018

Taking place during school holidays, we have a number of historically accurate programs to keep kids learning and active during the school down time.  Representing distinct historical eras, the Kids Dig It! programs align with our museum values of ‘enriching peoples’ lives through the stories created from our collections’.  During the school holidays, our collection can tell lots of stories! Activities include archery, excavating a mini archaeological dig, historical games, era costumes and dress-ups, mask making, shield painting, building a pyramid, and so much more. Activities run from Monday to Friday (no weekends!) and are open to groups also.   Always conscious of cost and facilitation, the Abbey Museum puts your experience first!

8-12th January –  Kids Dig It! Viking Family Fun Week

9-13th April Kids Dig It! Egyptian Family Fun Week

2-6th July – …

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Young Woman with a Stylus

Wax Tablets Roman Style

Wax Tablets….. the Roman Way!

What was your favourite excuse for not handing in your homework? Did the dog ever eat it?  Perhaps your kids have come up with some creative reasons as to why assignments were overdue! I seem to recall ‘the wind blew it away’ or ‘a glass of juice spilled on it’.  We have all heard a few good ones but in ancient Rome,  students had an even better excuse! Their homework had melted by the sun! (Sometimes assisted by holding their wax tablets close to their body).  Now that’s a good one!

Wax tablets and stylus was the means of writing at that time. Paper did not become readily and cheaply available in Europe until the Middle Ages. So, it was necessary to have an effective means for keeping lists, general correspondence and legal documents.  The wax tablet was used as the everyday notebook for thousands of years, although there is increasing evidence that ink was used on thin sheets of wood also.  A number of these have been found at Vindolanda, a Roman Army …

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Abbey Museum Volunteer receives acknowledgement

If You Hang Around Long Enough

Our very good friend Maurice O’Connell (that is “o apostrophe c,o,n,n,e,l,l” as one local business noted on his membership card) was recently honoured at the Longman Volunteer Awards.

These awards are given during National Volunteer Week to honour volunteers in various categories for their service to an organisation within each Federal electorate. Under the category Arts and Culture, Maurice was honoured for his long and dedicated service to the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology.  He has been a volunteer at the Museum for over 20 years. During that time you may have met him:

taking visitors on a tour of the stained glass windows in the Abbey Church running an educational dig for a class of school students spruiking at the Medieval Festival acting as Master of Ceremonies at the Picnic at Pemberley keeping a photographic record of some Museum activities assisting with activities during Family Fun Weeks driving the tractor to replace the sand in the archaeological digs

Congratulations Maurice – lovely to see your dedication appreciated by a wider …

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